Welcome to the GGCA - Gauntlet Golf Club Association

2021 Golf Season



President’s Welcome:


On behalf of the Gauntlet Golf Club Association (GGCA) Officers and Board of Directors, I would like to extend warm greetings to GGCA members, and especially all the new members who joined through the Gauntlet GHIN program.  


With the concurrence of the New Direction Golf Management (NDGM) team, a GGCA membership is included with your annual GHIN (handicap) fees.  Those players that get their GHIN through other sources (VSGA) can still join the GGCA for an additional $10 paid directly to the NDGM.   In 2019 we re-launched the GGCA with a new set of leaders, by-laws and a renewed vigor to encourage the game of golf in Stafford County. Our goal is to expand the awareness and interest in the game through competitive and social events for golfers of all levels.  In 2020, we were teed up for a big year, only to find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic, so we scaled things back.  As we look forward to the 2021 golf season, we are hoping for a return to something closer to a full tournament schedule. Our current 2021 tournament schedule is as follows:


St. Patty’s Day Swing       March 20                  4 Person Captains Choice

Caddy Shack (His / Hers) April 17                     9 Hers / 9 His - Net Tournament

Memorial Day                    May 22                                  2 Person Best Ball

Solstice Classic 6A – 9P    June 19                    Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Overall

                                                                                    2 Person Captains Choice

* Member – Guest            July 17 / 18             Best Ball - 2 Courses

* Member – Member       August 21 / 22            Best Ball / Alternate Shot -2 Courses

* Club Championship       Sept. 25 / 26                   Stroke Play

* Member play during the Member-Guest / Member-Member and Club Championship Tournaments will be used to qualify club members for the Cannon Cup Tournament (formerly known as the R.E Lee Cup).  


 We are committed to building on the lessons learned during our 2019 and 2020 seasons, and we will continue providing GGCA members renewed commitment, energy, transparency and attention in 2021. 



We look forward to see you on the course!



Bo Tidwell 


Gauntlet Golf Club Association




2021 GGCA OFFICERS                          




Bo Tidwell

E-mail: j_tidwell@cox.net


Vice President

Dennis Carr

E-mail: dcarr62@cox.net



Tom Wood

E-mail: tom511wood@gmail.com


Treasurer & Tournament Chairman

Helmut Lehofer

E-mail: hslehofer@aol.com






The NDGM Representative

Handicap/Rules Chairman

Chad Michael

E-mail: cmichael@golfgauntlet.com


Senior Player Representative

Betty Dirisio

Email - bdirisio@gmail.com


Junior Player Representative

Malisa Tidwell

E-mail: citifyd@cox.net


Ladies Player Representative

Brenda Kondos

E-mail: jerseygirlb@comcast.net


Gauntlet Player Representative

Richard Taylor “RT”

E-mail: rt092356@hotmail.com